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Like the fruit it is named for, Marionberry Kush is a delicious hybrid bred by Heroes of the Farm. A well-balanced cross of Raspberry Kush and Space Queen that puts off a full spectrum of fruity flavors, Marionberry Kush closely resembles her genetic “sister” Cinderella 99. There are six main phenotypes of Marionberry that all show a range of fruit flavors like passionfruit and raspberry. The aroma is smooth, sweet, and earthy with a sour twist. The effects are pronounced and uplift the mind almost immediately and then slowly relax the body without putting you to sleep.


Customer results : “Great for people with Anxiety disorders. I felt super happy and uplifted immediately and had zero paranoia or anxiety issues. in fact I went for a nice October cruise with the music up and Windows down. great strain”

Marion Berry

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