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Royal Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that hails from the UK. Originally bred from Skunk #1 and crossed with a feminized phenotype of itself, this silken extract stays true to its royal bloodline. The sweet smells of a corner bakery fill my nose as I peel back the wax paper to reveal a golden, glistening slice of pure heaven. I portion off a healthy helping of amber Swiss as my rig hits its low-setting and I take an easy pull.

Exhaling, I am carried away to a tropical paradise. A plethora of flavor cascades over my palate like an exquisite waterfall; distinct notes of juicy mango and frosted lychee berry swim alongside exotic grapes dripping with creamy honey. The taste finishes on a pungently earthy note, complementing the initial sweetness.

Moments later I feel a powerful euphoria grip my muscles, the sensation building like lapping waves over cerebral shores. The feeling sinks deep into my body, soaking my mind in relief, banishing all stress and anxiety. Despite inspiring a strong appetite, this noble strain had me feeling regal, even hours later. Recommended for any concentrate connoisseur seeking the royal treatment.

This powerful, tropical-flavored wax is great for low-temp dabbing in the evenings. Beginners, beware—Royal Cheese is a long-lasting, hard-hitting concentrate!

Royal Cheese CE Shatter

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