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With the producer’s name being Calyx & Trichome, one would hope this flower would exemplify some pretty spectacular, well, calyxes and trichomes. This Sour Blue Cookie certainly was a superb example of some fine grown cannabis. The fragrance is one-of-a-kind. As you may have guessed from the name, the parents of this strain are Blue Cookies (Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies) and Sour Diesel. This parentage lends itself to a scent that is truly magnificent, and so strange that you’d never think you’d love it but you do. Sweet, blueberry, citrus and gasoline flavors blend so seamlessly and perfectly you’d think a master chef at a fancy farm-to-table cafe came up with the recipe. And in a way, they did. Another quality the diversity in the genetics of this flower helped foster, is a effect that meets the needs of a wide variety of cannabis consumers. After using a vaporizer and water pipe to sample this flower, the CULTURE team noted that the effect had something for both sativa and indica lovers. A sense of relief and bliss accentuated by a minor boost of energy and creativity was noted. Sour Blue Cookie from Calyx & Trichome is the perfect companion for your summer leisure activities. It is strong enough to get you to your destination and provides enough energy to keep you going.

Sour Blue Cookies

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