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'AAAA' Black Diamond is a Indica-dominant Hybrid, the Black Diamond marijuana strain won’t knock you to the couch. While this flower leans toward the sedative side of things, this strain produces a happy and upbeat experience all around. Expect lots of laughter from this gregarious flower!

Joyful and relaxed, this strain is best saved for the late afternoon or evening. While getting chores done or strolling about town on a weekend are great tasks for this strain, this flower isn’t the best for focused daytime work.

Those suffering from excess pain and inflammation may find a friend in this cannabis strain. This soothing flower is popular among those with arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions. This bud may be suitable for those with mental health conditions that respond well to high-THC therapies. Those with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and mood swings may particularly enjoy this strain. Excellent for sleeping disorders, this cannabis strain works best when consumed about an hour before bed.

Black Diamond

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