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The high point of this strain for sure, the aroma was a wonderfully pungent mix of sweet blueberry and sharp, musky, putrid elements… which, yes, can be described as smelling like cheese. It's a very strange and unique taste that you really only find in Cheese strains — alternately appealing and revolting, like many fine cheeses

The taste took on more of the cheese elements than the smell did, while the berry sweetness fell to the background. One reviewer commented that there was even an iron/mineral-like taste, similar to what is found in very "goaty" cheeses, while others mainly picked up on peppery, sharp notes. The sweetness was still present, but the sharp tastes were stronge.

Very uppy, motivational experience full of energy, exaggerated hand motions, and laughter…

The majority of smokers feel that this was a wonderful relaxing med that served to take all the troubles and pains of the day and put the brakes on them. Starting off with a buzzing, warm body, strong forehead/temple pressure, and an immediate mood elevation, this strain felt really potent early on. It was a torquey med that stayed at medicinal levels for around 1.5 hours, only tailing off around hour 2. The dominant state was one of engaged but inactive focus, where the couch and a movie or video games were the perfect accompaniment. It was a great "stealth med" though, as the reviewer's physical appearance was unaffected despite the potency.

Blue Cheese

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