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'AAAA' Chemdawg

The ancestry of Chemdawg is a mystery.  What is not a mystery is the sheer power of this strain.  THC levels can be as much as 26%.  This has made it a much in demand strain for those wanting to breed their own power strains.  It is the parent of the much appreciated and potent Sour Diesel as well as the famous OG Kush.  Its name, Chemdawg, is thought to refer to the strong smell of diesel that will buckle your knees from an innocent sniff.

Chemdawg buds are a powerful medical strain.  The high THC levels can address musculoskeletal pain, neuropathic pain, and migraines.  Chemdawg is also excellent for reducing nausea and improving appetite for those with conditions such as wasting from chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer, HIV wasting, anorexia, and other wasting syndromes.  Chemdawg can be used at night to fight insomnia.


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