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'AAAA' Maui Wowie is very potent initially, it receded to an evenly energetic and clear-headed state but retained very strong eye effects throughout. It really shined when put under the camera lens, as it's a beautiful specimen.A bit piney, a bit earthy, but with a unique spicy smell that reminded us of fennel or even holiday spices. Much like the smell, a pine taste was the dominant note, but there was also some lemon and a slight sweetness. It was expansive yet very smooth on the throat. The back of the head began to feel heavy, but the eyes and forehead filled with pressure and a buzzing sensation, with the eyes in particular being heavily medicated to the point that they almost felt blurry. A very potent start for this strain, it took us to a state where the head effects were nearly overwhelming, sending one reviewer off for a nap. Overall though, it was energetic in an even and non-rushy way, and felt capable mentally after the initial potency retreated. It also lightened the mood quite a bit, making us talkative and positive mentally. Very clean finish, it faded out without notice, lingering in the eyes for quite some time.

Maui Wowie

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