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Top quality "5 star" Afghanistan. This is really a dark pollem: Top shakes are pressed into a jewel.


Very dense, hard and medium brown. It snaps when you bend it far enough, but when you get it a little warmer you can easily stick your finger nail into it.


Chocolate mint-spice. Typical Afghan with a slightly lighter polm scent. When it burns, it smells a little like fine Manali.


A bit harsh on the throat. Mildly spiced. Not too much flavour in most drags but the odd puff reveals the spice.


Strong head high. After 5 minutes you begin to feel it in the tips of your fingers and toes. A sense of lightness prevails.


This one blends the finest qualities of pollem and darker Afghans. The taste was a bit of a let down, but a lovely high makes this well worth sampling.

Mazar Sharif

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