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OG Shark cannabis strain is an evenly balanced, 50/50 hybrid. It smells of pungent diesel and skunk while the flavour is more pungently earth with notes of pine needles rubbed in berries and a diesel finish. It can treat pain, stress, and appetite loss. OG Shark cannabis strain is good fro daytime or evening usage.

OG Shark cannabis strain's high will uplift users into a zen-like space that will make you rise above any pettiness or negativity. You'll feel lifted into happiness before descending into slight sleepiness.

OG Shark can treat a long list of medical complaints due to its sky high THC levels. Chronic stress is one of the main things this strain is prescribed for, as it can help soothe a frazzled soul, by calming yet stimulating positive feelings in you, making you feel less heavy with worries.

Chronic pain is also successfully treated with the help of this strain. OG Shark can make you feel soothed and relaxed, reducing greatly any symptoms you may be feeling due to back spasms, migraines and arthritis, and making you feel pain-free from head to toe.

OG Shark

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