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'AAAA' Peanut Butter Breath Expresses a beta caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile, it inherits the peppery nail polish notes, with woody undertones that likely describe the strain's significant humulene content.

On the back of the woody, fuel flavor, sensitive palates will note a citrus and lavender interplay—due to the presence of terpenes limonene and linalool—and together, these components linger in the mouth for a minty finish.

From a medical perspective, Peanut Butter Breath's terpene profile makes it a prime candidate for use as an anti-inflammatory, thanks to high concentrations of beta caryophyllene and humulene. And for adult-use consumers, the strain offers an improved mood, mostly clear head, and notable bodily relaxation.

It's a treat to finally come across one of these rare strains and it's great to know that Peanut Butter Breath is more than a lot of nice pictures that live on the internet: it's a pleasantly nuanced strain that deserves the hype that surrounds it.

Peanut Butter Breath

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